2019 is proving to be a year of change for mobile network operators and service providers as they look to update, modernize, and usher in new technologies, approaches, concepts, and mindsets. This year’s Packet Networking Summer Webinar Series will take a serious look at how you can take your network to new heights and be ready for 5G, IoT, or any other use case or application requiring network connectivity that satisfies end-users, humans and machines. 

Whether you’re an experienced or new networker, this series of fast-paced, 30-minute webinars will have something for you, as our knowledgable professionals will share what’s new and important in packet networking. 

Webinar series agenda – watch them all on-demand now! 

Evolutionize IP Networks, from Access to Metro. There Must Be a Better Way!
IP is the industry protocol choice for new and emerging applications. However, it must be delivered in a new, more evolved way for better connectivity in the access to metro networks. Learn about a new and more adaptive way to design, deploy, and manage IP networks.
Tuesday, June 18 @ 11AM EST 

Network Modernization: Leveraging Circuit and Pseudowire Emulation

Many network operators are wondering how to modernize their aging circuit-switched networks, yet still support legacy TDM services. Join us for an overview of circuit and pseudowire emulation and how to transport legacy business services over a modern packet network.
Thursday, June 20 @ 11AM EST 

Beyond 100GbE: The Rapid Convergence of Packet and Optical Technologies
Today’s network edge, from access to metro, is being redefined and driven by a rapid convergence of packet and optical technologies, platforms, and networks. Join us to see how packet platforms leveraging new coherent optics will facilitate 100G network rollouts.
Tuesday, June 25 @ 11AM EST 

Evolutionize: Why Should I Care about Segment Routing?
Segment Routing is a hot topic in the packet networking world, and for very good reasons. This webinar explores a new and innovative approach that leverages Segment Routing to evolve IP networks making them more scalable, efficient, simplified, and cost-effective.
Thursday, June 27 @ 11AM EST 

Missed the live sessions? Don't worry you can watch them all on-demand here.