The term ‘next-gen OSS’ being is used more frequently in our industry, most often to represent any new or enhanced software system that supports a service providers’ transformation to more agile and open operational processes, ultimately to accelerate service delivery, and/or improve the customer experience.

For a growing number of service providers, our Blue Planet multi-domain service orchestration (MDSO) software is considered a key component of their next-gen OSS strategy, based on its vital role in automating the end-to-end delivery of services across any mix of legacy (physical) and cloud-based (virtual) networks. MDSO helps service providers to transition from a siloed and monolithic OSS approach to a more unified operational framework that drastically simplifies lifecycle management of these services.

Here are several currently available resources and upcoming events that highlight Blue Planet MDSO and how it can help enhance your OSS Strategy:

    1) SDxCentral Next-Gen OSS and the Rise of LSO Report: The relationship between next-gen OSS and service orchestration, specifically the MEF lifecycle service orchestration (LSO) initiative, is the focus of this recent report. It includes a treasure trove of information related to the market drivers for next-gen OSS and LSO, including a survey of the top next-gen OSS and LSO products (which places Blue Planet very prominently, as well as key requirements for next-gen OSS.

    2) SDxCentral Lifecycle Service Orchestration – Moving From Promises to Production On-Demand Webinar: This on-demand webinar emphasizes the close alignment between Blue Planet MDSO and MEF LSO.  The webinar is ideal for anyone interested in hearing more about LSO and MDSO, as well as learning about a number or real-world deployments with customers who are transforming their operations to a more agile, scalable and cost-effective approach using Blue Planet.

    3) MPLS + SDN + NFV World Congress: Next week in Paris you’ll get a chance to see Blue Planet MDSO in action with a demo on the Ciena booth that illustrates orchestration of both NFV and SD-WAN components to rapidly, securely, and easily create an end-to-end service.

    4) TM Forum Live Event Participation: Later this spring, Ciena and the Blue Planet team will be delving even further into the next-gen OSS realm through our participation in TM Forum Live, the #1 event in the OSS/BSS industry. We’re expecting to make a big splash in our very first appearance, with Ciena’s Adan Pope, Chief Information Technology Officer (CITO) for Software and Services, along with our key customer Orange Business Services, presenting in the ‘OSS/BSS of the Future’ track on the topic of “The Path to Agile Operations”.

    Activities like these give us the opportunity to highlight how the rapid innovations happening in the world of next-gen OSS and service orchestration are helping our customers transform, while moving our entire industry move forward.