Ciena CEO Gary Smith, CTO Steve Alexander, and co-founder Steve Chaddick share their first memories of Ciena, how the culture developed, and the industry journey they’ve been on for the last 25 years.

From the early days of turning a previously unheard-of optical WDM technology into actual commercial products to how CTO Steve Alexander “camped out” in the Ciena lobby until he was offered a job, the three executives reflect on how an early 1990s Maryland startup was able to disrupt the telecom establishment, and the trials and tribulations of growing through uncertain economic times.

Now with 25 years under its belt, Ciena is a long way from those early days as an optical network startup. And while networking has seen an enormous amount of change and evolution since Ciena’s first day back in 1992, one principle has endured: companies and their products are only as good as their people.

You’ll hear all about it in this very special #Ciena25 podcast hosted by veteran telecom journalist and writer Carol Wilson. Click below to listen.

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