By Paula Muezerie, External Communications Manager for EMEA

WCA 2012 WinnerLast night was an evening of celebration for Ciena as WaveLogic3 was again recognised with an industry award. Congratulations to Ciena’s optical engineers and the extended team!

Part of Total Telecom’s World Communication Awards, the Alireza Mahmoodshahi Best Technology Foresight award recognises foresight in developing and fostering a new technology with the potential for far reaching effect on the telecoms market.

Man being interviewedThe independent panel of judges, consisting of senior industry executives and experts, commended Ciena on its innovation and leadership in high speed optics.  The award was presented to Ciena by Colt during a gala ceremony at the Lancaster Hotel in London. 

Mervyn Kelly, EMEA marketing director (pictured at right), commented:

"This award highlights the focus on innovation and excellence from Ciena’s R&D team.  WaveLogic3 has changed the game in optical networking – bringing not only more bandwidth, but smarter bandwidth. It makes the optical layer more intelligent and responsive to application needs; an increasingly critical requirement in today’s dynamic and cloud-centric networks.”

A full list of award winners can be found on Total Telecom’s website.

Ciena’s innovation in the 100G field was also recognised earlier this year at the Next-Generation Optical Networking Awards in Monaco.

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