Blue city at night with white light connections

Why Smart Cities Need Adaptable Pipes

For cities to evolve and realize the full benefits of becoming “smart” they will require real-time access to multiple sources of data from different locations.

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Using “The 3 V’s of Automation” to maximize automation ROI

For traditional Communications Service Providers (CSPs), the barriers to applying automation are coming down faster than ever before due to the use of new technologies such as analytics and machine learning. So what is different, and why is now the time to act?

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City highway with white and red streaks of light

From the Archive: Fiber densification without complexity the goal of two new Ciena platforms

Helen Xenos details how two new platforms from Ciena will help tackle fiber densification challenges by packing maximum capabilities in a very compact footprint.

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What is SDN?

SDN enables consistent management of the network, which may be made up of complex technology parts.

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