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Enterprise trends: Cloud, digital transformation, and the move to the Adaptive Network

In today's digital world, enterprises in every industry vertical must now be hyper-focused on providing a higher quality customer experience, leading to the use of new technologies like AI, IoT, edge computing and others.

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Hand touching tabletRegional service providers must evolve to deliver the digital experience users demand

The digital experience users enjoy with cloud-based services is becoming a prerequisite for any technology service offering.

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Woman and man with hand upFrom the archive: Reducing resourcing challenges by out-tasking multi-vendor network infrastructure projects

In today’s increasingly complex multi-vendor network environments, many businesses are compelled to out-task their multi-vendor operations to a single provider of specialized network services.

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What is Mobile Fronthaul?

Mobile Fronthaul is the movement of data and voice from a cell site to a baseband unit.

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