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Network Traffic Challenges? It’s Time for a New Perspective

Escalating bandwidth demands can mean only one thing…costly and complex network upgrades. But what if you could look at the challenge from a completely different perspective? Ciena’s Kent Jordan explains how.

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Highway traffic light streaksDynamic MPLS-TP in the Metro Network.... Why?

Ciena's Wayne Hickey gives a primer on the plethora of network routing protocols, and why the efficiency and flexibility of MPLS-TP makes it a great option for metro networks.

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Is your existing wireline network ready for 5G services?

A recent study by Analysys Mason reveals that many Mobile Networks Operators in APAC may be unprepared for the coming of 5G traffic loads. Ciena’s Anthony McLachlan details what they can do.

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Measuring tape

Measure Twice, Cut Once

The old adage of "measure twice, cut once" doesn't just apply to woodworking, it goes for building your fiber network as well. Ciena's Wayne Hickey details what Cable MSOs must consider when driving fiber deeper into their network.

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Is MPLS-TP “tomorrow’s network”?

Join the June Ciena Community discussion and tell us if you think is “tomorrow’s network”, or share what you think is the most important aspect of MPLS-TP and how you’d explain it to a class of rowdy sixth graders.

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Women at tableNew I Love Acronyms Challenge

Fred has been a member of the community since June 7, 2016 and he's asked five questions and he's helped answer nearly twenty questions. Get to know Fred and ask him about system testing.

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New Open Question: Can A 3930 be switched from a 110v to a 208v and what does it need to do so?

Share your knowledge and experience to help a peer in the Ciena Community.

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Share your knowledge and experience to help a peer in the Ciena Community.

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