News flash: Optical network equipment is in a perpetual state of innovation so that you can design, build, and deliver the fastest and best fiber-optic networks and services on the planet. Our recent unveiling of WaveLogic 6 is a great example of this, and we take pride in being the hands-down optical innovation leader.

What can’t get lost with all that amazingness, however, is that you already have some very fast, very good gear in your network. It’s not suddenly obsolete because something else is shinier and newer, and getting the most return from your existing infrastructure is always a good strategy.

Extracting that maximum value is exactly the focus of two performance-enhancing measures that should become routine best practices in your network lifecycle regimen: Spectrum defragmentation and photonic and capacity audits.

Diagram: Ciena spectrum defragmentation service

Spectrum defragmentation employs sophisticated tools and human expertise to analyze existing capacity and deployed channels to identify stranded bandwidth. The intelligence gathered is then used to recolor spectrum to quickly and cost-effectively free up monetizable capacity. It’s like finding hidden treasure within your existing network.

But the benefits go far beyond freeing up capacity in a few new routes along your network. Spectrum defragmentation can extend the life of existing equipment, and even reduce the need to purchase new gear. That, in turn, can have a material impact on your sustainability goals by reducing your need for additional power, HVAC, and floor space  and keeping equipment out of landfills.

Similarly, photonic audits can take this a step further by ensuring hardware is properly provisioned, configuration errors are highlighted, and issues preventing full capacity or service utilization are identified. Capacity audits identify capacity limits and potential bottlenecks, as well as backup paths to support redundancy. You can then correct any uncovered issues to maximize your equipment’s potential.

Expertise with photonic and spectrum optimization

InfoBrief: Ciena Spectrum Defragmentation ServiceTackling photonic and capacity audits and spectrum defragmentation relies heavily on automation and proprietary algorithms. These tools and the process expertise that come along with them aren’t generally available on the open market.  There is only one way to gain these: Through doing it―a lot. That’s where Ciena’s Services team comes in.

Ciena’s team of experts can de-risk the process by unambiguously showing your network’s current capacity and performance, if and how it can be improved, and outlining a specific plan of action so you can properly evaluate the ROI.

And there is definitely ROI to be had. Some of our customers have recovered network spectrum at close to half the cost of deploying new line systems, and they have recovered that capacity in 60 days or even less. Read this Spectrum Degragmentation Service InfoBrief for more.

More for less with no risk: What’s not to like?

Keeping up with capacity demand is a never-ending challenge. Why not get more from what you already have, faster and easier, while spending less? Spectrum defrag and photonic/capacity audits can get you there. Reach out to us on how we can help make that a reality.