1.) Resident Engineer

Facing competing priorities for your engineering staff’s time? Bringing in a dedicated expert to help operate and improve your network for current demands and future growth can result in increased efficiency and productivity. With a Resident Engineer, you will gain insights from a dedicated go-to person with deep knowledge, expertise, and direct access to resources to evolve your network and resolve issues faster. Familiar with your network, a Resident Engineer becomes a member of your team to provide over-the-shoulder training and knowledge transfer while also delivering ‘direct pipeline’ access to new features and products. As an expert, they help anticipate and minimize issues and prevent problems before they happen.

2.) Network Optimization Services

Your network is always changing, evolving, and growing. Optimize what you have with a thorough health checkup to ensure your network runs at peak performance, and uncover ways to lower both CapEx and operational expenses to help maximize ROI. Two beneficial services to optimize your network are network audit and spectrum defragmentation.

With a network audit, experts use tools to automate the capture of provisioning data and provide an analysis to check if your network is following best practices and the latest engineering guidelines. The audit delivers a prioritized list of recommendations based on the cost/benefit of taking action so you can make business decisions on where and how to improve network performance with configuration changes and software/hardware updates. A services partner can help execute the changes as required.

Spectrum defragmentation can help extend the bandwidth of your photonic network quickly, without a large CapEx spend. An analysis of current capacity, channels deployed, and maximum recoverable capacity helps determine the best approach to defragmentation. A services partner can get wavelength channels reconfigured and recolored to benefit from a low-cost and sustainable way to free up spectrum for new capacity.

3.) Learning Services

After investing in hardware and software, invest in your staff to get the maximum benefit out of your products by using them more efficiently and productively. Your staff is busy and may not have time for extensive training, and they also have different learning style preferences. You need flexible training that lets them learn at their own pace, addresses the various ways they learn, and is developed and taught by experts. Whether you need to train a few key staff or have teams spread across locations, training helps to strengthen your team’s understanding of technology, so they deliver high-quality network performance and ensure customer satisfaction.

4.) Managed Services (NOC)

Network demand and complexity have led to the integration of many technologies which require you to manage and maintain a high-performing network that may not be your core business or highest strategic priority. A services partner can help ensure your multi-vendor, multi-domain network works at peak performance so you can focus on other priorities. By taking advantage of a managed network operations center (NOC), you can rely on experts who have deep knowledge of networks and management processes and leverage best practices to respond to incidents and problems that arise, which will increase your ROI and save you CapEx and OpEx.

5.) Implementation Services

Peak network performance ultimately requires deploying the network right the first time. Rely on highly skilled implementation services teams with the right people, tools, and proven processes to assist you with planning, designing, and efficiently deploying/migrating your network – providing faster time-to-market for revenue-generating services. A services partner, who deploys networks all day, every day, will ensure you stay on track and on budget while reducing risk and minimizing downtime, ensuring cost-effective migration and implementation.

Ciena Services partners with you to understand your business and goals. We incorporate that information and leverage our people, robust portfolio, proven processes and tools, and nearly 30 years’ experience in creating the world’s largest networks — all to power your successful journey to the Adaptive Network. Take advantage of Ciena expertise to assist in key areas to keep your network working at peak performance.