I don’t know if it is the ease of using them, the increase in quality of podcasts, or if this is just another example of our on-demand society, but podcasts are growing in popularity.

I personally love stocking up on them as I do any traveling, they are a great way to get caught up – but on my own time. As I prepare to do some road trips around the upcoming holidays, I decided to ask around the physical – and virtual – hallways at Ciena to see what podcasts could help me make the best use of my time.

Here are a list of ten podcasts I found that provide updates on the latest telecom industry happenings, analysis of key industry trends, and sneak peeks into conversations happening around the industry.

We would love to hear what podcasts you enjoy as well – what should we be adding to our next playlist?

  •  The Light Reading Podcast – Light Reading has just recently launched their own official podcast, hosted by Phil Harvey the U.S. News Editor, it covers the technology, finance and people of the communications network industry. The show is an enjoyable deep dive of a few telecom news events from each week. You can even find a recent interview with Ciena’s CEO Gary Smith. 

We’re sure this list will give you hours of industry insights on your next listening binge. Let us know what you think of the above podcasts – and use the comment section below to share the next one we need to check out.