Back to School: It's that time of year again - back to school! While parents and students have been out buying school supplies, deciding on courses, and shopping for new clothes and mobile devices in preparation, school districts have been working to ensure they have the high-capacity network infrastructure in place to deliver a robust digital learning experience. The chief concern of district superintendents, CIO's, CTO's and other technology professionals across the country is the critical role of digital equity in bridging the achievement and economic gaps within student populations and in ensuring an equitable future for all. And within, or perhaps overarching, is the need to grow connectivity to support digital learning (and provide digital equity) without a growing budget. Today, we're talking to our own Daniele Loffreda about digital education in general - how schools can provide it, the tech investments they need to make to support it, and how to find available public and private resources to fund the investments, including E-Rate. He'll talk about some of the different initiatives taking place in schools around the country, and also provide insight into the concern, confusion and hope around the FCC E-Rate program.

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