We’re shining a light on our Ciena Cares Champions—the people who drive our workplace giving and volunteering programs for their team members around the world.

Giving back to our communities is a central ambition across all teams at Ciena—it’s a key part of who we are. And we wouldn’t be able to make such a profound impact if not for the efforts of the Ciena Cares Champions. With the support of these incredible people, we raised more than $3 million and volunteered over 38,000 hours for important causes globally in 2023. These individuals are the ones who take initiative, encourage engagement, and ultimately make a difference in the world around them by driving the Ciena Cares program.

What is the Ciena Cares program? 

Ciena Cares is our employee giving and volunteering program that supports our people in giving back to the causes that are most important to them. This benefit program was created in recognition of the profound importance of uplifting those in need and the enrichment people feel when they’re able to give back. The program offers a variety of benefits that employees can use to  enhance the impact of their charitable efforts.

Employees receive unlimited paid time off for volunteering, ensuring they have the flexibility needed to show up when and where their community needs them. Volunteers also receive “volunteer rewards” which are monetary credits allocated to employees in recognition of their efforts—by recording volunteer hours in our giving platform, their account is credited with an amount that can be donated to the charity of the employee’s choice. Cares also includes a gift matching program, matching all donations up to $5,000 USD, and new hires are provided a $20 USD credit when they join, to start their giving journey.

Ciena Cares Team Argentina

Who are the Ciena Cares Champions? 

The Champions are the people who bring our Ciena Cares program to life in their local communities. They play an integral role in making the program a success. The champion team are dedicated advocates, spreading awareness of the program amongst their colleagues. They’re also tireless facilitators, taking it upon themselves to plan and execute volunteering events.

In the community, Ciena Cares Champions are an essential intermediary between important causes and the people within Ciena who wish to contribute in any way they can. Having members of our global Champion network in-person around the world helps ensure that charitable efforts of our team members are directed to the areas that are most meaningful and impactful for their local communities. Whether through contributions of time, expertise, compassion, financial assistance, or any other support needed, the champions ensure that the Ciena Cares program makes a real difference in the world by highlighting opportunities to give back.

Ciena Cares Team Hanover

What has this team accomplished? 

Every year since the launch of the Ciena Cares program, participation has grown. With the help and ambition of these incredible people, the program has contributed over 130,000 hours of employee volunteer time—that’s nearly 15 years of volunteering! The team has also raised millions of dollars to a wide range of good causes. These contributions have helped reduce hunger and poverty, supported healthcare and education, and advanced sustainability among so much more. The extremely wide range of issues impacted reflects the diversity of our team and the issues that are most important to them.

Miramar Ciena Cares Team

Hear from the Champions Themselves

We’ve asked a few Ciena Cares Champions to share what being a part of this team means to them. There are a wide range of reasons people choose to join the program as champion—some have a passion for giving back to specific causes, others enjoy planning events for team members to get together while helping the local community, and more still are driven by their desire to help others. No matter why they’ve joined, all agree that being a part of this team is an enriching and rewarding experience. Thank you to our Ciena Cares Champions! We couldn’t make such a difference in the world without you.

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