WaveLogic 3 Coherent Optical Processors

Scaling networks economically to meet ever-increasing traffic demands and high-bandwidth applications is now a reality—thanks to Ciena. 40G/100G solutions, based on Ciena’s WaveLogic™ Coherent Optical Processors, vastly expand capacity without disrupting existing networks, providing simple and cost-effective upgrades from 10G to 40G or 100G, with a clear path to 400G. That’s game-changing.

 Why coherent 40G/100G?

Demand for high-bandwidth services is increasing at exponential rates. Coherent optical processing lays the foundation for increasing bandwidth from 10G to 40G to 100G and beyond; offers the ability to make the network more programmable; and unlocks new potential architectural possibilities. By integrating techniques for improved spectral efficiency and increased noise tolerance—and by adding an intelligent coherent receiver alongside advanced digital signal processing algorithms—Ciena’s implementation of WaveLogic coherent technology provides cost-effective ways to mitigate optical impairments, takes advantage of fiber plants in place today, and increases capacity as needed.

Benefits of Ciena’s WaveLogic technology

  • Increase traffic-carrying capacity of your existing 10G network fourfold and tenfold through simple plug-and-play installation with little or no need for network re-engineering
  • More quickly activate new services across the network, including new higher speed Ethernet and OTN services
  • Realize significant economic benefits through the reduction or elimination of a variety of network equipment such as amplifiers, regenerators, and dispersion and PMD compensators
  • Avoid new fiber installation with the ability to use 10G-marginal fiber for 40G and 100G transmission
  • Fully satisfy customer expectations with reliable and robust solutions that have been proven over years of live network deployments


With more than 10 years of experience in DSP-assisted electro-optics, Ciena is committed to ensuring seamless in-service 40G and 100G upgrades of existing networks to protect customer investments in current infrastructure and to improve network capacity, using engineering rules similar to those employed in 10G DWDM systems. All Ciena systems are designed to be scalable to 400G, ensuring the systems will be capable of supporting ongoing, in-service bandwidth increases cost-effectively. And, utilizing the unique lessons learned from real-world 40G and 100G deployments, Ciena engineers continue to the tradition of redefining the high-capacity transport market by inventing, developing, and implementing new technologies and system capabilities that will be required to take the network to 1 Terabit transmission and beyond.

More and more, service providers and operators worldwide rely on Ciena’s coherent 40G/100G solutions to transport their critical traffic. Find out how (PDF) Ciena’s coherent 40G/100G solutions can help you change the way you compete.

Scaling networks with 40/100G

As the technology leader in 40G and 100G optical transport, Ciena has the tools to help transition networks to 40G or 100G wavelengths while maximizing the capacity of existing infrastructure.

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