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Ciena OPn

A network architecture for an ever-evolving world

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Ciena OPn

How should a network evolve?

Ciena’s OPn network architecture gives you a blueprint for intelligent network evolution.

Bend the cost curve down

We’ll help you minimize high-touch, high-cost functions—such as IP routing and fine-grained traffic shaping—into fewer locations, while optimizing more locations for low-touch, streamlined forwarding and transport.

Monetize new applications and superior user experiences

You’ll be able to prototype and release services and applications faster, differentiate offerings, and deliver better customer experiences than possible with a traditional network.

Key elements

  • Intelligent optical and lean packet capabilities to scale exponentially at lower cost than alternative architectures
  • Software automation and orchestration to speed and cost-reduce operations
  • Better network integration with the data center, transforming connect, compute, and store into a programmable platform for a variety of new services

Ciena OPn : /ōpən/

Noun: Optical and packet raised to great scale

Adjective: Open and programmable; software-definable

Proper Noun: A network architecture that transforms the economics and utility of network operators

White Papers

OPn Network Architecture

OPn, Ciena’s new network architecture, helps networks scale economically to great capacity over wide areas and handle the changes wrought by cloud/data center migration, mobile broadband, and the rise of the application model for new services.

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