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Transforming financial networks into high-performance strategic assets.

Re-invention of traditional processes. Aggressive competition from tens of thousands of FINancial TECHnology companies (FinTechs). New technologies like BlockChain, Mobile Wallets and Real-Time Payment Systems. Financial services are undergoing the most radical change they’ve experienced in over 100 years as the digital disruption of the industry accelerates. At the same time, they face the rising tide of data breaches and hacks with 90% of security professionals at financial services firms concerned about their vulnerability.

When milliseconds mean millions, a high-performance network from Ciena can deliver critical revenue-generating applications, secure sensitive data, address regulatory requirements, and protect your valued reputation.

The Big 3

No. 1

High-performance data center interconnect lowers costs and delivers efficiencies through server virtualization, storage, and data center consolidation.

No. 2

Software-Defined Networking increases service velocity, delivers enhanced performance and responsiveness, and builds new business offerings by orchestrating end-to-end capabilities across an entire virtualized IT portfolio.

No. 3

Ultra-low latency delivers the speed to increase your competitive advantage and revenue while secure and transparent transport of encrypted data across various architectures using the FIPs-certified Assured Networking solution ensures the right information is delivered to the right people every time.

What’s next

A new network architecture paradigm is in process. Ciena solutions carry a commitment to ever-increasing sophistication in anticipation of the growing needs of government and enterprise users. The era of scalable, programmable networks brings both the promise of rich applications and ever-improving economics, but also mandates the need for ongoing development to assure that networks are increasingly trusted, reliable, and secure.

Industry insights

You’ve heard of Cloud eXchange Providers and Internet eXchange Providers but what about Financial eXchange Providers? Banks are responding to the FinTech challenge—levelling the field by opening up their systems with APIs to allow authorized access into their banking services. This opens the door to a new era of disaggregated banking functions.

By delivering truly customized banking solutions to the customer, a personalized finance dashboard can combine services from banks, insurers, and Fintechs. These financial service aggregators will be differentiated based on:

  • Security – ensuring the segregation and security of all in-flight data as part of a holistic security program
  • Performance - meeting customer expectations of on-demand services by optimizing network throughput, scalability and latency
  • Market connectivity – delivering the largest selection of financial service offerings by having performance-driven connectivity with the widest selection of financial function providers

Ciena Insights

Increased traffic across public and private networks. Varying demands on modern systems. The never-ending attempts to breach system security. Digital disruption in the financial services industry is driving new business models, enhanced ways of working, and delivering a better customer experience. Now, the network is more important than ever.

New technologies and solutions are the only way to successfully compete in this new environment. Web-scale architectures, DevOps, micro-services architecture, virtualization, and software-defined everything all have one thing in common: the need for an advanced network infrastructure that can deliver the scale, assurance, security, and flexibility.

Ciena’s networking solutions meet the demands of today’s financial world:

  • Automation – orchestrate complex operations from end-to-end, increasing velocity, reducing complexity, and streamlining operations to increase efficiency and reduce OPEX
  • Scalability – grow network capacity to improve the customer experience
  • Security – implement a holistic security strategy by adding in-flight encryption that ensures compliance with data protection regulations while removing the cost and complexity of traditional network encryption solutions
  • Trusted – have full confidence in the sources and processes that go into the design, construction, and operation of a network
  • Reliable –deliver traffic even when the network is degraded from a variety of failures

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