The UK’s dependence on leased circuits to serve government is changing. The opening of dark fibre circuits has opened capacity potential. As a result, bandwidth becomes much more cost-effective as Openreach enables providers to take direct control of the network connections for the first time. And with dark fibre up for grabs, government departments will be able to get virtually unlimited bandwidth on demand—at a fraction of the monthly cost.

With dark fibre, government organisations can get the super-high-bandwidth services they need, at a cost they can afford.

- Simon Parry, CTO for UK Public Sector

A game-changer for government connectivity
The dark fibre opportunity blows away traditional limitations of leased-line services. With the right network equipment, government organisations can multiply available bandwidth very little additional investment.

This new bandwidth pricing model allows for rapid development and delivery of the next generation of innovative, super-high-bandwidth services at a low cost. Departments can get much more from limited—and shrinking—budgets.

Supporting digital transformation in government
Dark fibre has the potential to dramatically speed up digital transformation, maximising efficiency and value for the taxpayer. It can provide fast, reliable access to cloud-based systems, for example, lowering costs for in-house hardware, software and support.

As an additional benefit, dark fibre helps modernise infrastructure based on new technologies, providing a foundation for network automation with Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV). These replace costly legacy infrastructure with new, automated service delivery and virtualised network components and functions. This enables a path to retiring costly legacy systems and accelerates the journey to cost-effective commodity infrastructure. 

More control
As well as dramatically reducing the cost of connectivity, dark fibre allows bandwidth to be scaled up on demand to support new applications and services. Departments can be equipped with self-service portals to scale and contract their networks as needs change.