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The Kaleidoscopic Future of Next Gen Optical Networking

The optical industry has become kaleidoscopic, with multiple facets of change from continued optical innovation and vertical segment optimisation to programmability, software automation and virtualization.

Overcoming the Top 5 Challenges of Data Center Interconnect

Today’s content is consumed on demand, by users who expect easy access to video and data when and where they want it. This is what makes the solutions designed to interconnect data centers critically important.

Could online security fears create a new digital divide?

A new digital divide could be opening up with increasing numbers of consumers growing more hesitant to engage with businesses online, driven mainly by concerns around identify theft and hacking.

Traveling Farther Just Got Smarter with 300G 8QAM Demo at Ciena Vectors

Ciena, CANARIE and StarLight collaborate on a 300G trail over a live research network using 8QAM modulation.

A (Miserable) Day in the Life of a Submarine Field Technician

Meet Erik. Erik is a submarine network field technician. Erik has a tough job. Let's look at all the challenges he faces in trying to get the job done.

Ethernet vs. Carrier Ethernet: The New Network Party Line

What is Carrier Ethernet and how does it differ from just plain Ethernet? And is it just for Carriers? Ciena's John Hawkins explains it all in this handy tutorial.

Ciena's Keri Gilder on Trends, Traction, DevOps and Opportunities in the EMEA Region

We talk to Keri Gilder, Ciena's VP and GM for Europe, Middle East and Africa, about trends, traction, DevOps and opportunities in the EMEA region.

Top 10 things utilities should know about packet tech

Ciena's Malcolm Loro gives ten key points for utilities to keep in mind while they consider the jump to packet technology.

Opening up networks to choice, at last

In a world that was previously incapable of being software-driven, fully-integrated solutions once upon a time made sense. There was no choice, and it was the easiest way. Now that's finally changing.

3 Keys to Having the Right APIs for SDN and NFV

Open APIs are the key to unlock the power of SDN and NFV deployments. But how do you know you have the right key? Abel Tong gives 3 attributes any good API must include to unlock the full potential of SDN/NFV.

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