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It's Time for a Cloud Era Network Platform

In the cloud era, the network must transform to an intelligent, efficient platform to deliver better application performance, business agility and information security. Let’s take a look these one at a time.

OFC goes Metro: Observations from OFC 2015

If there was any doubt that metro 100G and DCI would be two of the hottest topics of 2015, that question was laid to rest this week at OFC 2015 in Los Angeles.

The story of how coherent technology upended an ITU submarine network standard

When the coherent optical revolution hit the scene in 2009, there's no industry it changed more than submarine transport. Here’s the behind-the-scenes story from a few of the people that are working to help......

Looking back on 18 years: An interview with Ciena SVP Tom Mock on his retirement

After 18 years with Ciena, SVP Tom Mock takes a moment to reflect on the ups, downs, and common threads of his Ciena experience.

Infographic: Internet and Mobile Data Growth by the Numbers

Here are some amazing numbers that show the predicted growth of Internet traffic and mobile data consumption over the next few years.

Study: Think Mobile Data Consumption is High Now? Just Wait

A new study reveals that peak-time mobile data usage is growing at a rate that potentially outstrips the ability of today’s mobile backhaul networks to keep up.

The Metro gets a brand new 100G architecture option

Traditionally, operators have had two photonic architecture options when deploying an optical network. The rise of intelligent coherent optics now offers a third metro architecture option: Coherent Select.

Scaling big with small cells

The age of the small cell is finally here. But that doesn’t mean everything has been going smoothly.

Ciena’s new coherent chipsets raise the optical bar again

Ciena has unveiled two new coherent chipsets that represent the latest innovations with our WaveLogic 3 technology. Consider the bar raised.

The Web-scale Effect and the Future of Networking

How do you prepare your network for the virality of today's world? Ciena CTO Steve Alexander talks about the Web-scale Effect and how to prepare for it.

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