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Eliminating the last two bottlenecks in R&E networks

Research & Education networks are built to be big and fast to accommodate huge scientific data sets. But there remain two key network bottlenecks between researchers that limit the speed of collaboration.

Ciena works with Telefónica on Successful SDN Proof-of-Concept Trial

Earlier this week, Telefónica announced the successful completion of a multi-domain, multi-vendor SDN interoperability proof-of-concept trial conducted from their headquarters in Madrid.

A service provider’s guide to on-demand service pricing

The move to providing on-demand services is not just a technical challenge. How do you price them? How do you make sure they don't cannibalize your existing services? There is an answer.

Absolute Cybersecurity: An Impossible Dream

Cybersecurity author and professor Dr. Mark Ciampa gives 6 reasons why cybersecurity attacks are more threatening than ever, and talks about what organizations can do to combat them.

Ciena shows off SDN-enabled packet-optical tech at MEF GEN14

Carrier Ethernet will be the topic du jour this week in Washington DC at the MEF GEN14 conference. Ciena will have a variety of product demonstrations at the conference, the highlight of which is a joint Proof of......

ONOS framework builds out SDN ecosystem

ONOS is the latest SDN industry effort to burst onto the scene, aimed at building an open framework for SDN controllers. Some have tabbed it as a competitor to OpenDaylight. To find out, we talked to Ciena's Chris......

Infographic: Is OTT video squeezing your network?

More bandwidth. Every household wants it. But how much bandwidth is enough? A new ACG Research study sponsored by Ciena got into the numbers, which we've put together into this Infographic.

Sow the Seeds, Reap the Harvest: Ciena Partnerships Take Root in CALA

The rapid growth of Latin America has Ciena's Mauricio Vélez looking to broaden our base of valued BizConnect channel partners in Latin America.

Securing SDN: Can it be done?

SDN is one of the most interesting developments in networking over the last decade. But if you add security to the network, does SDN still work?

8 ways the cloud has made network traffic more unpredictable

As consumers and businesses alike increasingly move their data to the cloud, the flow of data traffic becomes much more unpredictable and harder to manage. Here are 8 ways this is happening in networks today.

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