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Global data center interconnect (DCI)

World-class connections across the miles

Industry-leading speed, security, and capacity with unmatched success

The challenge

The strain put on networks is increasing—particularly on routes to, from, and between data centers—as opportunities to grow new revenue streams arise. The challenge is how to seize these new opportunities with limited budgets and fewer resources.

Our approach

Ciena combines highly scalable, programmable infrastructure with intelligent software and automation to create a dynamic pool of resources for on-demand cloud and DCI applications. Our DCI solutions leverage field-proven coherent optical technologies to carry mission-critical traffic.

The benefits

Discover unparalleled efficiency in network scalability, operations, and power usage. Integrate with existing assets to evolve your network cost-effectively. Deploy reliable, cutting-edge levels of capacity that bring your customers the satisfaction they demand.

Ciena’s DCI solution allows us to scale many wavelengths on a single fibre pair. That means we can stay ahead of client’s interconnection needs for years to come and manage our fibre capacity efficiently.


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