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Converged interconnect networks (CIN)

Evolve your network and sharpen your competitive edge

Delivery performance, reliability, and quality of experience in a cost-efficient converged interconnect network

The challenge

With users requiring more bandwidth, lower latency, and higher availability from their broadband services, Cable MSOs must evolve their CIN to support next-gen hybrid fiber copper (HFC) technologies, while supporting 10G everywhere.

Our approach

Ciena provides a futureproof, sustainable CIN solution to support cable MSO’s network evolution. We enable your distributed access architecture (DAA) strategy while supporting the adoption of fiber-based access technologies in a CIN infrastructure.

The benefits

Achieve your vision of 10G everywhere, streamline operations, expand addressable markets, and meet customer expectations for quality services. Start small and grow with demand, building a high-capacity, affordable, automated broadband network that scales dynamically.

Ciena's next-generation CIN solution