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Regional Healthcare Provider Increases Operational Agility, Reduces Cost Through the Ciena Virtualized Edge Solution

This ever-expanding regional healthcare provider operates hundreds of clinics throughout a 40-county geographical area. It uses a wide variety of technologies to deliver tailored treatments to patients. Ensuring that all locations within the healthcare ecosystem have ‘always-on’ access to technologies enables the provider to deliver high-quality healthcare at low cost.

To continue to serve its patients successfully, the provider needed to:

  • Reduce burdens on IT staff as new medical facilities were added to the ecosystem
  • Reduce network device space, power, and cooling needs and costs
  • Eliminate the need to dispatch IT staff to troubleshoot devices
  • Avoid downtime and disruptions to patient care operations

IT staff were interested in replacing the multiple physical devices with a Virtual NetworkFunction (VNF) solution which would enable them to quickly add new locations. They knew they needed an experienced partner to undertake a virtualization initiative—and they chose Ciena.

How did Ciena make a complex VNF deployment simple? Read the case study to find out.

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