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WaveLogic™ 5 Coherent Optical Technology

Evolving networks. A spectrum of solutions. Your choice.

We know you need choices for your network. Sometimes, it’s getting maximum performance from your optics. Other times, it’s the smallest footprint that gets the job done.

With WaveLogic™ 5, you can have both: Two distinct advanced technology designs to address all applications, without compromise.

To learn how WaveLogic 5 coherent optical technology redefines what’s possible, visit our blog. Listen to Ciena’s Scott McFeely, SVP Global Products & Services, and Dino DiPerna, VP Packet Optical Platforms R&D, share how WaveLogic 5 transforms network performance to bring new applications to life.

When to select WaveLogic 5 Extreme?

When you have high-bandwidth 100GbE and 400GbE connectivity requirements or are looking to maximize fiber capacity and networking efficiencies.

Offering higher capacity per wavelength, and extending to longer reaches without regeneration, WaveLogic 5 Extreme dramatically reduces cost per bit with fewer wavelengths to deploy and manage. Embedded real-time network monitoring with programmability from 200 Gb/s to 800 Gb/s line rates lays the foundation for a network that can rapidly adjust to unpredictable traffic demands and dynamically optimize capacity across any path.

When to select WaveLogic 5 Nano?

When you want to extend the capacity and optical-layer simplification benefits of coherent technology to access applications, or when reduced power/area and line interoperability requirements are more important than spectral efficiency.

The WaveLogic 5 Nano family of coherent pluggable optics packs the application-specific functions you need in reduced power/area form factors such as QSFP-DD and CFP2-DCO. And they can be deployed with any of transport, switch, or router platform to meet your operational requirements.

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