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WaveLogicTM 5

We pushed boundaries. Now you can too.

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800G is here. The wait is over.

Yesterday’s speeds and feeds aren’t going to cut it in today’s environment, let alone tomorrow’s. The world changes, and in response, we do more than pivot—we reimagine.

We’re first to market with 800G. And we’ve gone even further by ensuring record-breaking capacity over longer distances—all with reduced energy consumption and next-gen capabilities for maximum agility. Read on to learn how our industry-first becomes your killer advantage.

Introducing WaveLogic 5

Single-wave 800G is here.
More capacity and efficiency.

With unmatched programmability from 200G to 800G, WaveLogic 5 delivers at least 50% more capacity per wavelength and 30% increase in fiber capacity—so you get more out of your network.

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400GbE everywhere.
More scale and distance.

Enable 400GbE transport across any distance, even transpacific. Now you can scale your network at the pace of business with less power and cost.

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Smaller footprint.
More applications.

From access to single-span DCI and metro, you can now address your network application requirements with footprint-optimized 100G-400G solutions.

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To learn how WaveLogic 5 coherent optical technology redefines what’s possible, visit our blog. Listen to Ciena’s Scott McFeely, SVP Global Products & Services, and Dino DiPerna, VP Packet Optical Platforms R&D, share how WaveLogic 5 transforms network performance to bring new applications to life.

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WaveLogic 5 Extreme

Unmatched bandwidth tunability to handle unpredictable demands. More capacity per wavelength. And lower cost per bit.

WaveLogic 5 Extreme coherent optical technology delivers the scale, programmability, and intelligence you need to evolve to the Adaptive Network.

  • Deliver more data using less equipment, increasing competitive differentiation and profitability
  • Evolve to a more software-driven and automated network with the ability to optimize capacity for any distance through a single programmable 200G – 800G solution
  • Facilitate the evolution to 400G-interface routers, with the ability to provide ubiquitous 400GbE client connectivity at any distance.
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WaveLogic 5 Nano

Smaller footprint. Reduced power consumption. More high-capacity connectivity. With WaveLogic 5 Nano coherent optical technology, you can enable new and innovative networking applications to drive a better end-user experience.

WaveLogic 5 Nano 100G-400G coherent pluggables provide exactly what you need where you need it:

  • Extended-temperature, standards-based optical modules for access applications
  • Compact coherent optics with seamless photonic layer integration for metro/regional applications
  • Standalone coherent pluggables for 400ZR applications
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WaveLogic – continually resetting the bar on scalability, flexibility and programmability

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