Security is paramount in the Adaptive Network to ensure it can remain responsive, flexible, and adaptive to changing market dynamics. Network providers must consider the following security requirements as they evolve their networks:

  • Ability to secure and protect the exponential growth in data traffic over the network
  • Increased levels of automation and fewer manual processes require greater security measures to detect and mitigate security breaches
  • More open, best-of-breed environments must be governed by security protocols to ensure the protection of data across heterogeneous networks

Ciena can help network providers mitigate data security risks through a set of capabilities designed to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data in the network. The company provides a highly secure, programmable infrastructure that ensures continuous protection of all in- flight data from unauthorized entities by combining always- on, high-capacity, wire-speed optical encryption with user authentication and intrusion-detection forensics. In addition, Blue Planet MDSO supports fast, seamless deployment of multi-vendor security Virtual Network Functions (VNFs), enabling providers to distribute and manage virtual security network appliances (such as firewalls, IDPS, and proxy services) as needed, ensuring consistent security levels across the network. Blue Planet also provides sophisticated tools for managing network performance, orchestrating data flows, and analyzing network trends, helping network providers identify and react to potential cybersecurity attacks faster to minimize the impact of a security breach. These security capabilities are underpinned by Ciena’s commitment to securing its own business by protecting its information assets and those of its partners, and delivering solutions with confidence in the security processes and controls that go into every design, deployment, and operation of a Ciena-enabled network.