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Managed Network and Maintain Services

Ciena’s Managed Network and Maintain Services leverage our expert technical professionals as virtual members of your IT team to deliver critical network operations and support functions. Our team can work with you to combine specific services into a comprehensive managed operations and maintenance solution designed around your unique requirements and expectations.

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Managed Network Services

Managed Network Services
Maximize network performance and uptime. Minimize operational risk and the negative effects of network incidents. And significantly reduce capital and operational expenditures for your mission-critical network. Our Managed Network Services offering provides three tiers of service to ensure the right level of operational coverage for your network environment. We also provide add-on technical capabilities to further customize your level of service.

Managed Network Services provide customers with very specific business benefits and outcomes.  Many businesses spend inordinate amounts of time recruiting highly specialized network professionals, training them, and then retaining them.  This process is very time-consuming and costly.  Then, when issues arise in the network, the entire organization can be defocused from their core business until network services are restored.  Ciena’s Managed Network Services offer provides end-to-end network infrastructure management, 24/7 to identify troublesome events and prevent them from becoming full-blown incidents or crippling outages.  And in the case that incidents do occur, our professionals are able to restore service quickly and limit the detrimental effects on the business.  Managed services don’t just “keep the lights on”—they provide high-value outcomes that have a positive impact on a corporation’s bottom line.
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Hosted OneControl
Focus on managing critical network resources without worrying about server overhead/expense. Hosted OneControl offers a practical alternative for customers who want full control of their network, but don’t want the hassle of server management.
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Cloud-based SLA Portal
Give end-users transparent visualization of their service performance. Service providers can leverage this application to  improve customer satisfaction and retention.
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Maintenance Services

Choose the level of personalization and proactivity that you need to attain your goals. Ciena’s support services provide the right options to address your unique requirements.

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