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Automating optical capacity management
and network design

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Faced with the need to build out optical network capacity in a world of ever-increasing demand for bandwidth? That’s a good challenge to have. With Ciena’s PlannerPlus network planning and design tool, you can build and augment your network quickly and easily. That means you can grow incrementally, as needed, and avoid spending capital dollars today for capacity that will be under-utilized for months to come.

Planning made simple

With PlannerPlus, you can easily design photonic DWDM networks and validate them using sophisticated link engineering, resulting in designs that are guaranteed over the life of the system. Choose from a wide range of configurations for planning photonic lines over fiber routes, and supporting wavelengths from 10G to 800G—as well as planning client services over those wavelengths. PlannerPlus automates the workflow, creates the quote, and generates commissioning scripts. Once the physical equipment is in place, deployment is a mere click away.

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Features and benefits

No. 1
Accelerates capacity management workflow from network utilization monitoring, network planning, resource commissioning, and service provisioning, via tight integration with Ciena’s Manage, Control and Plan (MCP) domain controller
No. 2
Features an intuitive GUI to clearly visualize network layout and design—with planned, reserved and deployed views
No. 3
Saves manual time and effort, reducing the planning horizon, and enabling dynamic planning to adapt to changing market conditions

Get a head start on your planning activities

Ciena’s MCP Services deliver single-point-of-service management so you can quickly deploy your solution and start realizing the benefits of PlannerPlus as quickly as possible. With deep expertise and domain knowledge in management and operations systems, Ciena’s MCP Services expertise can help you throughout all stages of your PlannerPlus adoption as you learn, deploy, migrate, customize, adopt, and operate.

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