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Manage, Control and Plan

Supercharge your Ciena network with automated operations

Manage, Control and Plan horizontal card

Get services to market quickly. Assure high network and service performance. Realize operational efficiencies. Ciena’s Manage, Control and Plan (MCP) domain controller helps you do all of this by supercharging your next-gen Ciena network through SDN software control and automation. MCP eliminates the manual, time-consuming, error-prone steps typically required to plan and build the network and to deliver and assure services across it. Instead, MCP’s open interfaces enable easy integration with operational support systems and accelerate end-to-end operational workflows.

Goodbye legacy NMS. Hello automated operations.
You’re on your way to the Adaptive Network™.

Manage, Control and Plan lifecycle diagram

MCP transforms network operations

There’s a lot of functionality packed into the MCP domain controller. FCAPS? That’s table stakes. MCP offers complete lifecycle operations across multiple Ciena network technology layers—as well as centralized network and service management in a unified interface, rich visualization, and breadth of APIs.

And there’s more. MCP’s cloud-native platform means the software deploys easily in IT operational centers or in the cloud, with elastic scale and high performance. MCP’s microservices architecture provides modularity and extensibility—so you can grow your network and evolve your operations at supercharged speed.

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MCP automation interface, map, and nodes

Accelerate your journey to MCP success through MCP Services

Getting the most from your investment in Ciena’s Manage, Control and Plan (MCP) is critical. And speed matters.

Ciena’s MCP Services — a suite of services, including Learn, Deploy, Migrate, Customize, Adopt, and Operate ― is designed to help you realize the benefits of MCP faster, while maintaining focus on your core competencies.

MCP Services allow you to:

  • Shorten time to financial benefits from MCP by supporting and extending in-house capabilities with Ciena’s proven expertise, processes, and best practices
  • Enjoy flexibility and choice with the ability to select only those services you need to ensure your MCP implementation is a success
  • Simplify operations with a single source of accountability to manage all aspects of your MCP project work

MCP Services journey diagram


No. 1

Gain centralized software control of your Ciena network and services—across multiple technology layers—through MCP’s unified, real-time view to improve operational efficiency

No. 2

Accelerate time- to-market of revenue-generating services across Ciena’s infrastructure through MCP’s integrated lifecycle operations: on-line planning, provisioning, turn-up, real-time monitoring, and assurance

No. 3

Leverage MCP’s open REST APIs to streamline your operational environment and automate end-to-end workflows, propelling you down the path to the Adaptive Network

No. 4

Utilize advanced Liquid Spectrum applications—built on the MCP platform—to extract the most value from your investment in Ciena’s market-leading coherent optical WaveLogic infrastructure

No. 5

Expedite troubleshooting and service assurance through MCP’s integrated test and monitoring capabilities, including the PinPoint application which uses OTDR traces to localize physical fiber degradation and faults and simplify service turn-up and repair

No. 6

Deploy MCP on-premise or in the public cloud—or leverage our turnkey Hosted MCP Service—to best suit your business goals and operational model


  • +Supported Operating Environments
    • Server
      • Red Hat Enterprise (RHEL) 7.x, Oracle Linux 7.x, CentOS 7.x
      • Clustering for high availability and geographically redundant configurations available
      • Deployment on bare metal and virtualized/cloud infrastructure (such as OpenStack, VMWare)
      • Specific hardware or VM requirements will vary based upon network size, complexity, and supported network element types
    • Client
      • HTML 5 web client using Chrome or Firefox Web browsers
  • +Supported Ciena Network Elements
    • Converged Packet Optical: 6500 Family, 6500 Reconfigurable Line System, 6200 Packet-Optical Platform, Waveserver®
    • Packet Networking: 3000 Family, 5000 Family, 8100 Coherent Networking Platform, 8700 Packetwave® Platform
  • +Supported Configurations and Services
    • Optical
      • Colorless Direct Attach (CDA) Flexible Grid
      • Colorless Directionless (CD) Flexible Grid
      • Colorless Directionless Contentionless (CDC) Flexible Grid
      • Colored and Colorless ROADM Fixed Grid
      • Variety of 1G/10G/40G/100G clients / transponders and modulations
      • Submarine Repeater Scan
    • Switched OTN
      • 6500-S OTN Control Plane P-SNC & P-SNCP
      • 6500 and 5400 MR-SNC & MR-SNCP
      • OSRP links and routing constraints
    • Packet
      • MPLS-Transport Profile (TP) services and tunnel management
      • Carrier Ethernet services: E-Line, E-LAN, E-Tree over static MPLS, Multicast
      • Dynamic MPLS tunnels, MPLS Multi-Segment Pseudo-Wire (MS-PW)
      • Circuit emulation on specific PN devices
      • G.8032 infrastructure rings
    • IP
      • L3 VPN service provisioning over Segment Routing 
      • L3 VPN inventory, service monitoring

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