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Liquid Spectrum

Optical reimagined for an on-demand world

Cloud. Virtual reality. Internet of Things. 5G. Your network transformation is underway. But it's being engineered, operated, and monetized in the same old static way. You need a smarter, faster way of keeping up with demands. But how?

Ciena's Liquid Spectrum™ combines real-time analytics and advanced automation across a programmable photonic layer to help you maximize the value of your network assets and realize the benefits of the Adaptive Network. And now with cloud-hosted apps like SNR Optimizer and Spectrum Defragmentation, you can optimize optical performance like never before.

It's optical, redefined for the on-demand world. It’s Liquid Spectrum.

Customer spotlight

See how our customers are using Liquid Spectrum to do a lot more with less—such as gaining more capacity with fewer modems, more visibility with less complexity, and more flexibility with less intervention in the network.

Smarter networking with software intelligence in New Zealand

Listen to learn how Spark is using advanced software to improve network efficiencies and ensure connectivity even during unexpected events.

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Quickly adapt to changing customer requirements

Learn how Cirion in Columbia is using Liquid Spectrum apps to improve the customer experience.

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Solving today’s optical network challenges with Liquid Spectrum

Learn how providers like TELUS are using Liquid Spectrum to transform their day-to-day operations.

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Delivering agility and scale through an instrumented, programmable optical layer

Liquid Spectrum leverages the rich instrumentation and in-service monitoring capabilities of Ciena’s reconfigurable photonic layer that includes WaveLogicTM programmable coherent optics. The result? Actionable insights that enable providers to make intelligent decisions based on the current state of the network.

Key hardware elements

Flexible grid, reconfigurable photonic layer

Ciena's programmable photonics—a highly instrumented, flexible grid photonic layer that supports any combination of colorless, directionless, and contentionless flexibility.

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Variable bit-rate, programmable coherent optics

Ciena's WaveLogic coherent optics deliver 100G to 1.6Tb/s solutions, with adjustable line rates enabling operators to maximize capacity across all paths in their network.

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Efficient matching of clients to variable line capacity

Ciena’s Waveserver® Ai or Waveserver 5 deliver a high-density muxponder solution, and Ciena’s 6500 Packet-Optical Platform provides a centralized Optical Transport Network (OTN) or packet switching architecture for efficient mapping of client services onto high-capacity waves.

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Redefining optical with advanced software applications

Liquid Spectrum applications, part of Ciena’s Navigator Intelligent Apps, leverage the Navigator Multi-layer Controller and open APIs to abstract complexity associated with advanced flexible technologies, and enact desired actions, enabling operators to fully operationalize and realize the benefits associated with a modernized network.

Liquid Spectrum advanced software applications

  1. Planning Tool Calibrator

    Enables you to proactively ensure optimal system performance by providing access—for the first time—to real-time, accurate planning data for both the existing hardware and new planned services.

  2. Bandwidth Optimizer

    Uses customer-defined service policies and suggests the ideal capacity, hardware configuration, and spectral placement for any channel, across any network path.

  3. PinPoint OTDR

    Allows you to precisely localize and address potential trouble spots, reducing the risk of outages and accelerating repair times from days to hours.

  4. Channel Margin Gauge

    Provides instant real-time visibility into the efficiency of your network and lets you know if you can run your deployed optics at higher capacities

  5. Photonic Performance Gauge

    Provides an instant health check of the photonic network, including optical restoration paths before photonic restoration, with unprecedented real-time visibility of photonic performance (even without active transponders).

  6. Liquid Restoration

    Increases service availability with flexible adjustment of deployed coherent optical capacity as needed to route affected services across any available path in the network.

Wondering where to start?

As your partner, Ciena Services ensures that you leverage Liquid Spectrum to extract the full value of your network assets across any stage of the photonic network lifecycle. We augment your team with our industry-leading experts, tools, and methodologies, including powerful, role-based learning, to implement the incremental changes and improvements required to achieve your business objectives.