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Photonic Performance Gauge

Optimize optical performance with unprecedented visibility

Traditionally, real-time visibility into the performance of the photonic network has been limited. Often, a network path appears to be in working order, but an error will occur when traffic is switched onto this path, causing network downtime and service interruption.

And now, with Photonic Performance Gauge, part of our award-winning family of Liquid Spectrum™ Analytics Apps, you gain unprecedented real-time visibility into the state of your photonic network to achieve the optimal balance of network performance, efficiency, and availability. To learn more about how Liquid Spectrum Apps, including Photonic Performance Gauge, can transform your operations, watch our video and read our blog.

Maximize system performance

Ciena’s award-winning Photonic Performance Gauge uses new real-time link performance metrics and advanced end-to-end photonic layer automation to provide instant visibility into the health of the photonic network—even where no wavelengths are deployed.

Key benefits

Simplify network operations

Delivers unprecedented visibility of ongoing optical performance in the network, even on sections without any wavelengths.

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Optimize system performance

Provides access to real-time link performance metrics, that drive actionable insights based on the current state of the network.

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Avoid network downtime

Proactively detects photonic network problems, including silent failures on restoration paths.

Taking an Adaptive Network approach

Ciena’s Photonic Performance Gauge leverages key elements of the Adaptive Network to change the way optical networks are engineered, operated, and monetized.

Wondering where to start?

As your partner, Ciena Services enables you to leverage Liquid Spectrum Analytics Apps to extract the full value of your network assets across any stage of the photonic network lifecycle. We augment your team with our industry-leading experts, tools, and methodologies—including powerful, role-based learning—to implement the incremental changes and improvements required to optimize your photonic network and equip you for faster decision-making.