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Liquid Spectrum

Optical reimagined for an
on-demand world

New world. New rules. New optical.

Cloud. Virtual reality. Internet of Things. 5G. Your network's living in a new world with new challenges. But, it's being engineered, operated and even monetized in the same old static way. Instead of continuing to overbuild, you need a new, smarter way of keeping up with demands. But how?

Ciena's Liquid Spectrum™. It combines programmable infrastructure with software control and automation to help you realize the benefits of the Adaptive Network™. Now you can monitor and mine all available network assets to instantly respond to new bandwidth demands and allocate capacity across any path in real time.

It's optical, redefined for the on-demand world. It's Liquid Spectrum.

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Delivering agility and scale through instrumented, programmable hardware

Liquid Spectrum fully exploits the ability of Ciena's hardware to precisely match the capacity of a wavelength to the system margin required to traverse a specific path of the network. So you can optimize capacity across the network and deploy fewer coherent modems to drive down cost and power per bit.

Need more optical capacity now? Use Liquid Spectrum to find it.

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Key hardware elements

Number 1

Flexible grid, reconfigurable photonic layer

A flexible grid, reconfigurable photonic layer provides the ability to reroute channels of variable spectral occupancy across any path, and across any optical spectrum in the network.

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Ciena's WaveLogic Photonics, a highly instrumented, flexible grid photonic layer that supports any combination of colorless, directionless, and contentionless flexibility.

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Number 2

Variable bit-rate, software-configurable coherent optics

Variable bit-rate, software-configurable coherent optics can match optimal channel capacity to available system margins for a specific network path.

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Ciena's WaveLogic Ai coherent optics, which enables operators to tune capacity from 100G to 400G in 50G increments, and take advantage of the higher baud-rate engine to maximize capacity.

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Number 3

Efficient client-to-line matching

To fully exploit the benefits of tunable coherent transponders, you need to efficiently map a flexible number of client signals to the variable line capacity.

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A centralized Optical Transport Network (OTN) or packet switching architecture, such as Ciena’s 6500 Packet-Optical Platform, or a high-density muxponder solution, like Waveserver® Ai.

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Adding value with advanced software applications

Blue Planet Manage, Control and Plan (MCP) and Liquid Spectrum's advanced software applications abstract complexity associated with advanced flexible technologies, enabling operators to fully operationalize and realize benefits associated with the modernized network.

Blue Planet Manage, Control and Plan (MCP)

Ciena’s Blue Planet MCP is a lifecycle operations system that unifies network and service management with granular resource control and online network planning, within a single rich user interface. MCP marks a strategic shift from legacy network management software, enabling the transformation to open, scalable software control that easily integrates into your business processes.

Liquid Spectrum advanced software applications

No. 1

Channel Margin Gauge

Provides instant real-time visibility into the efficiency of your network and lets you know if you can run your deployed optics at higher capacities.

No. 2

Planning Tool Calibrator

Enables you to proactively ensure optimal system performance by providing access—for the first time—to real-time, accurate planning data for both the existing hardware and new planned services.

No. 3

Bandwidth Optimizer

Uses customer-defined service policies and suggests the ideal capacity, hardware configuration, and spectral placement for any channel, across any network path.

No. 4

Liquid Restoration

Increases service availability with flexible adjustment of deployed coherent optical capacity as needed to route affected services across any available path in the network.

No. 5

Wave-Line Synchronizer

Accelerates service provisioning, reduces manual provisioning steps and eliminates associated human errors in multi-vendor optical deployments.

Open APIs: The choice is yours

Modern, normalized data models and APIs are required for high-performance telemetry used to measure and predict, at any time and for various scenarios, the 'scarce' dBs that can be 'spent' and reallocated in the network. We've implemented open interfaces at both the software and hardware levels, giving you more choice in your architecture implementations. From fully integrated solutions to largely disaggregated configurations where you select the appropriate Ciena elements for your network, you can reap the benefits of Liquid Spectrum across various technology consumption models.

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