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Emulation Cloud

Accelerate integration testing with Ciena’s cloud-based digital twin

Emulation CloudTM helps network operators simplify network management, operation, and automation activities by leveraging Ciena’s highly programmable product portfolio, comprehensive data models, and open application programming interfaces (APIs). It is an open application development environment designed to help you create, test, and fine-tune customized applications in the cloud, without investing in new IT infrastructure. Emulation Cloud offers a virtual lab that can be used as a digital twin to emulate your network and accelerate time to market for new service models, simulate failure scenarios, collect network data, and more.

Features and benefits

  1. Up your application game

    Unlocking the full potential of Ciena’s open APIs has never been so easy. Emulation Cloud provides the tools to help jump-start your development and integration efforts. Questions? Emulation Cloud gives you direct access to Ciena experts as well as discussion groups to support you along the way. We’ve got you covered.

  2. Test against a digital twin of your network

    Whether you’re testing new architectures or operationalizing new services and workflows, Emulation Cloud lets you design and test against a digital twin of your network—so you can test virtually, in the cloud, and before deploying into your live network.

  3. Accelerate service activation without driving up costs

    Life is good in the cloud. Emulation Cloud allows you to cost-effectively create tools to manage the network and provision services. A lower cost of entry to develop new service models? Yes, please.

  4. Accelerate and ease IT integration efforts

    Geographically diverse development teams can access virtual lab resources 24 x 7 to streamline global development and testing across different time zones. Easily create, test, and fine-tune applications and scripts via a cloud-based environment.

  5. Expand your knowledge base

    Access full API definitions and documentation, tutorials, sample code, and more. Ask the user community for suggestions or even tap into Ciena experts for answers about our open APIs and code.

  6. Lab time on your time

    Schedule and use virtual lab time any day, at any time. No more waiting for physical lab access and resource—with Emulation Cloud, your lab is in the cloud. Develop and test unique operational tools without IT infrastructure investment.

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Accelerate platform integration and test custom applications in the cloud



Accelerate integration testing with Ciena’s Emulation Cloud

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Emulation Cloud

Ciena's Emulation Cloud is an open application development environment designed to he...


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Ciena’s Emulation Cloud™ is a cloud-based software development environment designed t...

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