Ciena D-NFVI Software

Ciena D-NFVI Software is a complete, modular solution specifically optimized for the Distributed NFV environment.

Addressing NFV challenges

Virtualized functions offer new and innovative ways to add value to networks, but early implementations have presented security, lifecycle orchestration, vendor lock-in, and cost challenges for operators and enterprises. Ciena D-NFVI Software is purpose-built to address deployment issues related to the distributed NFV use case, providing flexibility in deployment for today’s critical VNFs and allowing for rapid implementation of the latest advances in networking technologies.

Ciena D-NFVI Software components

Ciena Base Virtualization OS

Includes Ciena-supported distribution of a virtualization OS (Operating System) for x86 hardware, which includes the base Linux OS, Kernel-based Virtualization Machine (KVM) hypervisor, and Linux Container (LXC) support.

Ciena vSwitch

Provides MEF CE 2.0 functionality by way of a Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK)-accelerated vSwitch for high-performance service function forwarding.

Ciena D-NFVI Agent

A virtualized infrastructure management solution based on direct orchestration that is purposely optimized for the D-NFV use case.

Eliminating vendor lock-in

Ciena D-NFVI Software is capable of being deployed on any physical server such as Ciena’s 39063926, or an x86-based commercial-off-the-shelf server. Each component is licensed to operate individually or as a complete stack on a subscription or perpetual license basis.


No. 1

Increases revenues by offering new services addressing changing user demands

No. 2

Allows rapid deployment of applications, dynamically activating or de-activating instances as required by user demand

No. 3

Lowers costs via the reduction/elimination of dedicated function hardware and associated ongoing maintenance tasks

No. 4

Leverages low cost off-the-shelf x86-based hardware while not sacrificing performance or reliability

No. 5

Avoids manually-intense, error-prone operational processes as well as costly truck rolls

No. 6

Eliminates vendor lock-in via a truly open architecture allowing best-in-breed technology adoption

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