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Monitor and support network infrastructure operations

Network operations is more than just keeping devices up and running. Operating the network means anticipating problems before they occur, having the right tools and automation to diagnose incidents and expedite troubleshooting, and proactively assessing network conditions and performance 24x7. You also need the right technical personnel following industry best practices to isolate faults more quickly to avert network outages, or to find a quicker path to resolution when outages do occur.

Ciena’s Maintenance Service provides end-to-end support for network hardware and software. For customers who need Ciena to assume complete management of their network infrastructure, we offer Managed Services delivered from our own Network Operations Centers (NOC).

Managed Services

Managing your network 24/7 can be tedious, complex, and costly. Finding the right personnel with the technical expertise to support multi-vendor environments is difficult enough—keeping them trained and happy is even more of drain on your business. When network incidents arise, they can have a defocusing effect on your network operations team. We offer a better way: expert management of your infrastructure from our own NOC facilities, following ITIL best practices for incident and problem management. That way, we’re able to identify growing issues before they become full-blown incidents and stop an outage in its tracks. And when outages do occur, we’re able to accelerate the time to resolve them and get your network back up and running, without impacting the rest of your business.

Maintenance Service

A high-performing, issue-free network is critical to any business. When incidents arise, however, you need access to the right resources to resolve them as quickly as possible and the flexibility to choose from different levels of support depending on your needs and desired business outcomes. Our Maintenance Service meets these requirements by providing highly responsive and proactive software and hardware support for our customers’ operational networks—all with a highly experienced, focused technical support team.

Want to know more about Managed and Maintenance Services? Let’s talk.

Contact us: Want to know more about Managed and Maintenance Services? Let’s talk.
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