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Enhance network performance along with, team skills and knowledge

If you’re not continuously improving the way your network runs, then you’re not maximizing your network investments. But even if you do want to incorporate continuous improvement into your ongoing network operations, how do you achieve the right level of visibility into the lower layers of the network? How can you make sure that you’re catching all opportunities for network optimization? How do you know that your in-house staff has the knowledge to capitalize on any actionable insights you might discover?

That’s where we can help. Our Insights, Optimization, and Learning services are designed to take you from just operating your  network to improving it.

Insights Service

Seeing into, and understanding, the lower layers of networks, especially Layers 0 through 2, can be difficult. More importantly, even if you do have some visibility, the information is current-state and does not indicate how conditions may change. Only advanced network analytics can provide this type of visibility and predictive insights. Our Insights Service offers a hosted solution that provides advanced and predictive network analytics in an Analytics-as-a-Service model. You don’t have to install and maintain an advanced platform on your premise. Ciena hosts these capabilities in our cloud, providing all maintenance and updates for the customer. Users can manage the Insights Service via a browser-based interface incorporating easy-to-understand data visualization of the network.

Optimization Service

New types and increasing volumes of data traffic are placing greater demands on network infrastructures, with no letup in sight. Customers need to know exactly when and how their networks are not performing optimally, and how optimizations can improve them. In addition, over the life of any network, changes occur that can gradually introduce inefficiencies, which could have adverse effects on availability and reliability. The real problem? Most organizations don’t have or cannot find the expertise or technical functions that can provide a deeper understanding of performance across all layers and throughout the lifecycle of network activity.

Learning Service

Ciena’s Learning Service presents your employees with the opportunity to learn, grow, and thrive through a compelling experience. The mainly on-demand and interactive nature of the courseware provides the flexibility and convenience needed to boost skills anytime, anywhere. This means progress can happen how, when, and where an employee wants. A more knowledgeable staff helps you achieve your strategic business priorities, drive better business outcomes, and stay relevant and innovative in today’s rapidly shifting business climate.

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