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Enhance network performance along with team skills and knowledge

If you’re not continuously improving the way your network runs, then you’re not maximizing your network investments. But even if you do want to incorporate continuous improvement into your ongoing network operations, how do you achieve the right level of visibility into the lower layers of the network? How can you make sure you’re catching all opportunities for network optimization? How do you know your in-house staff has the knowledge to capitalize on any actionable insights you might discover?

That’s where we can help. Our Optimization and Learning Services are designed to take you from just operating your network to improving it.

Optimization Service

What would it mean to you and your customers to consistently get the most from your network investment? To maximize performance and assure a flawless customer experience? How would that impact your business outcomes?

Optimization Service ensures your network always operates at its peak to help you reach your goals in a sometimes wildly dynamic world.

Whether exploiting underutilized capacity or resolving bottlenecks before they become bottlenecks, knowing―and seeing―as much as possible as early as possible makes all the difference.

Learning Service

What if you could be more valuable to your organization?

Your partners at Ciena have created a technically robust knowledge platform to help you deliver that extra value by enabling you to better understand and support your Ciena network―and your customers, the network users. To help you efficiently consume the learning content, we’ve simplified and focused your choices with role-based learning paths, positioned in intuitive offering models to accelerate your journey to the Adaptive Network™.

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Ready for continuous network optimization? Let’s talk.

Contact us: Ready for continuous network optimization? Let’s talk.
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