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Ensure seamless planning, design, and implementation of the network

Houses and networks have something in common—build them right the first time, and your long-term investment is better protected and your overall cost of ownership is lower. A proper network build includes requirements gathering, analysis and planning, technical design, and deployment and implementation of network devices. Ciena’s Consulting, Implementation, and Systems Integration Services do all this and more to make sure your network is built right—the first time.

Strategic Network Consulting

Your network infrastructure is arguably one of your most valuable assets, as it underpins your ability to achieve business growth. So any project involving a change to the network must be well planned to ensure maximum return on investment and that key business objectives are met. Having a strategic partner that can provide the consulting expertise to guide you in the right direction is critical.

Ciena’s Strategic Network Consulting Service empowers you to transform your networks and businesses based on data-driven insight—so there’s no room for error. Our consulting experts leverage deep industry expertise, as well as robust tools, to provide tailored strategies that have been proven to transform our customers’ networks as well as their most critical operational processes.

Implementation Service

Establishing plans for technology deployment in your network is hard enough. Implementing those plans can be just as challenging. Under today’s economic pressures, some organizations are attempting to reduce costs by deploying and managing their own network equipment. However, the often unpredictable nature of the deployment environment poses numerous challenges in keeping up with constantly changing network demands. Our Implementation Service offers an alternative to conventional in-house resourcing models, allowing end-users to leverage Ciena’s network deployment and project management expertise on an extremely flexible basis while performing all activities under one roof.

Systems Integration Service

Network evolution is complex. Ensuring efficiency and the integration of all moving parts—both legacy and third-party—requires advanced Systems Integration (SI) capabilities. Unlike traditional system integrators who offer generic capabilities, Ciena’s SI Service is highly specialized with a focus on network evolution. Built upon our depth of expertise and experience in enabling some of the world largest and most complex network modernizations, our SI Service offers a deep understanding of providers’ operational processes and the complexity of their network environments. Plus, we’re the experts in Ciena’s industry-leading hardware and software solutions. That makes us the ideal Systems Integration partner for customers looking to leverage their Ciena investments as part of their ongoing network evolution.

Systems Integration Service for Virtualized Edge: Designed specifically to help you successfully implement a virtualized infrastructure for enhanced services, automation and agility

Systems Integration Service for Solution Validation: Created to validate new hardware or software capabilities before implementation in your network to accelerate time to market

Questions? Ask the community.

Ask: Questions? Ask the community.

Ready to build a future-ready network? Let’s talk.

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