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Multiservice Optical Platform

The 6110 Multiservice Optical Platform is a compact, cost-effective multiservice access product optimized for deployment in customer sites and in collector networks where lower service capacity is required.


No. 1

Supports traditional PDH and TDM as well as Ethernet traffic in a compact 1RU platform, enabling future-proofing of SONET/SDH networks and accommodation of Ethernet services

No. 2

Offers a full service mix comprising both Layer 1 (SONET/SDH) and Layer 2 (Ethernet) services, and can interconnect using line rates from 155 Mb/s to 2.5 Gb/s

No. 3

Supports low-order DS1/E1 grooming for most efficient transport of DS1/E1 services

No. 4

Provides intelligent packet aggregation and prioritization of today’s business-critical applications through QoS, priority queuing, Q-in-Q VLAN stacking/tagging and port rate limiting

No. 5

Provides flexible networking protection options, including efficient ITU G.8032 Ethernet Ring Protection switching for optimal bandwidth utilization with <50ms protection of Ethernet services

No. 6

Reduces operating expenses with low power consumption, support for both AC and DC (24V and 48V) power configurations, extended temperature operation and extensive fault monitoring and loop-back capabilities


  • +Dimensions H x W x D
    • 44 mm/1.8 in. (1RU) x 445 mm/17.5 x 270 mm/10.6 in.
  • +Weight
    • Fully equipped: 5.1 kg
  • +Standards
    • Safety EN 60950
    • EMC GR-1089 CORE, EN55022
    • Other compliances: ITU-T K.11, K.20, K.21,FCC68
  • +Power
    • AC power supply: 90V-240V 50/60Hz
    • DC power supply: -40V to -57.5V DC
    • DC power supply: +18V to +32V DC
    • Maximum power consumption: 90W (depending on service modules used)
  • +Environmental Characteristics
    • Normal operating temp: -5 to 45C
    • Short term operating tem: -5 to 55C
    • Extended temp configuration: -40C to +65C
    • Normal Operating humidity: 5% to 90% RH
  • +Mounting Options
    • 19", ETSI and 23" rack mountable
  • +Client Interface
    • The 6110 shelf comes with built-in support of up to 21 E1/DS1s, 4 x 10/100Mb/s, and two OC-3/STM-1 ports. The optional service slot supports any of the following modules:
      • 8 x 10/100BT
      • 4 x 10/100BT + 4 x 100FX L1
      • 2 x GE L1
      • 2 x GE + 8x10/100BT L1
      • 2 x GE + 8x10/100BT L2
      • 28 x E1/DS1
      • 63 x E1/DS1
      • 3 x E3/DS3
      • Transmux circuit pack 2x622M/8x155M
  • +Network Interface
    • OC-3/STM-1
    • OC-12/STM-4
    • OC-48/STM-16
  • +System Architecture
    • Non-blocking 10G TDM fabric capable of aggregating VC-12/VT-1.5, STS-1/VC-3, and VC-4 mapped services.
  • +System Configurations
    • Unprotected, 1+1 MSP, UPSR/SNCP ITU-T G.8032 Ethernet Ring Protection
  • +Service Efficiency
    • GFP/VCAT/LCAS Ethernet transport, Layer 2 Ethernet grooming
  • +Management
    • Ethernet LAN interface or modem
    • TL-1 and SNMP northbound interfaces
    • Web-based Craft UI
    • Integrated OMEA Network Management System
  • +OAM Interfaces
    • LAN port to a Data Communications Network (DCN)
    • RS-232/F1 port for modem access or for user byte access
  • +Environmental Alarms
    • Four telemetry outputs
    • Seven telemetry inputs

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