Telindus is the autonomous specialist in smart and secure IT platforms. A platform that accelerates, strengthens and grows the business. A safe, innovative and reliable engine that switches quickly to respond to the continuous pressure from the business and the market. Telindus understands the digital transformation and converts this knowledge into platforms and services for the most challenging customers. Platforms based on well-founded advice and built and managed by qualified experts. Telindus has been working with the best suppliers and latest technology for more than 30 years and continuously invests in innovations. From on-premises solutions to hybrid cloud environments and IT as a Service, Telindus ensures that companies excel and accelerate.

Telindus, part of Proximus, has strategic partnerships with major virtualization, networking, storage, backup, telecommunications and security vendors. In addition, the organization has its own advanced Inspiration Center where innovation is central, and the latest technologies are demonstrated live.