Today's mobile networks grow larger and more dynamic every day. To harness the growing complexity of the inevitable 4G to 5G evolution—and ensure operational agility—you’ll need a holistic, end-to-end network approach that can adapt quickly. Ciena’s Adaptive Network thrives on complexity.

How will you adapt? With Ciena’s 5G Network Solutions, you can:

  • Streamline your 4G to 5G journey with Ciena’s Adaptive IP™—an automated, open, and lean IP solution—and a suite of new xHaul transport platforms that facilitate the design, deployment, and management of unified 4G and 5G front/mid/backhaul networks
  • Efficiently scale your 4G networks while laying the foundation to support unprecedented 5G traffic volumes with Ciena's WaveLogic™ 5 coherent optics, offering rates up to 800G
  • Automate end-to-end management and operations—and simplify planning of your 5G network—with Blue Planet®’s vendor-agnostic network slicing and dynamic inventory solutions