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Deliver reliable, high-quality broadband without compromise with Ciena’s MCP


Pave your path to better broadband with Ciena’s Navigator Network Control Suite

In legacy broadband deployments, network operators had different network management systems for different network layers, putting them at a crossroads to compromise between quality and operational cost. In this deep dive, Ciena’s Vinicius Santos explains how Ciena’s Navigator Network Control Suite provides a better way of managing and scaling broadband services, without compromises.

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Episode 77: Rewriting Australia’s Growth Equation via Ultrafast Connectivity with Telstra

Telstra InfraCo’s Kathryn Jones joins Ciena’s Matt Hayes to discuss Telstra’s role in building Australia’s reputation as a global digital hub, and what’s next in the region’s growth story.



Broadband scalability for network longevity and sustained service excellence

Network scalability is vital for broadband service providers to sustain excellence in user experience while maximizing the return on investments.


White paper

Comparing Broadband Network Architectures in the Evolving Connectivity Landscape

This whitepaper provides a comprehensive analysis of the economic viability of various broadband network architectures in the evolving connectivity landscape


The Ciena Network Insights Podcast

Insights on the technology topics you care about, like cloud, IoT, 5G and VR, directly from the innovators and thinkers who are building the infrastructure for our future.

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Chart a clear course to an optimized multi-layer network with Ciena’s Navigator Network Control Suite


The journey to 1.6T: Understanding the technologies making 1.6Tb/s possible

Helen Xenos explains how the technology choices behind Ciena’s WaveLogic 6 Extreme 1....



WaveRouter: Three examples of metro routing done differently

Ciena’s Nicola Benvenuti details just a few of the business case examples this unique...



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