Network and service management have become complex as networks have grown to serve the increasingly bandwidth-hungry world. That rapid growth has also spawned a related problem: The fragmented set of software tools required for operating networks makes the process of managing and deploying services unwieldy and time-consuming.

As a result, service providers are looking to streamline operations and accelerate service agility with MCP, which converges online planning and network and service management tasks into a unified, simplified ‘single-pane-of-glass’ view.

MCP enables multi-layer packet and optical service management and network optimization. Furthermore, it provides a real-time, accurate view of the network and service topology to integrate equipment network capacity demand planning with optimal efficiency. Advanced network and service visualization of these capabilities are provided in a single Web-based interface to ensure improved user access and an industry-leading user experience

MCP converges network and service management throughout the complete lifecycle.

In addition, MCP has a commitment to openness. Support for open REST APIs simplifies integration with service providers’ existing business systems and processes. MCP’s microservices-based architecture includes multiple open-source components and provides an evolutionary path to multi-domain, multi-vendor service orchestration, as well as network analytics.

In addition to those capabilities, MCP performs the following:

  • N+1 clustering and load balancing for ultra-high availability and elastic scale
  • Multi-layer online service and bandwidth planning, with scheduled service activation option
  • Microservices, container-based platform supporting rapid enhancements, modularity, and scale
  • Secure and rapid deployment within IT-centric operator cloud environment

Ciena’s MCP is the industry standard for reinvented network management. It enables carriers and enterprises to take advantage of the following:

Lower operating expenditures

  • A single system and UI for managing, controlling, and planning for Ciena’s packet and converged packet-optical products
  • One integrated workflow across the full network and service lifecycle
  • An unparalleled user experience

Lower capital expenditure

  • Informed, effective deployment of packet and optical nodes, and capacity
  • Optimal utilization of packet and optical resources

Increased revenues and ROI

  • Ability to create enterprise customer VPNs rapidly
  • Rapid turn-up of data center connectivity and interconnect
  • Mining of latent capacity to add new services or protect existing high-value services