Over 99 percent of the world’s intercontinental electronic communications traffic travels across submarine cables. Bandwidth is forecast to grow at more than 40 percent CAGR for the next several years in all submarine corridors.

With these growth figures in mind, there are three core challenges in managing your submarine network assets:

  • Keeping up with voracious and ongoing global bandwidth growth
  • Protecting multiple terabits of traffic to avoiding outages from inevitable faults
  • Safeguarding revenues and margins while combating ongoing price erosion

These three challenges might seem in opposition to each other—and solving them might be a daunting task. But Ciena has created the GeoMesh Extreme architecture to directly address these challenges.

Ciena's GeoMesh Extreme has four building block categories: 

Because Ciena recognizes that one size does not serve all, operators can build custom solutions by choosing the components they require for purpose-built networks that address specific market requirements.

Terrestrial networks have been moving toward packet-based systems because they offer many benefits, such as statistical multiplexing, over-subscription, and economies of scale. GeoMesh Extreme includes those benefits so submarine network operators can enjoy the same advantages as their terrestrial counterparts. By including packet switching, operators can seamlessly carry packet services from end-users to data centers, and everything in between—overland or undersea.

When GeoMesh was introduced just a few years ago, it blurred the lines between submarine and terrestrial networks by viewing the network from the end-to-end service paths. GeoMesh Extreme takes that network architecture to the next level by adding a significant number of new features and technologies built on cloud-based software innovation.

With GeoMesh Extreme in your arsenal, you’ll be able to optimize and monetize assets by designing your network from end-to-end. You’ll keep up with voracious global bandwidth growth, protect terabits of traffic, and avoid outages that come from inevitable faults—all while adressing ongoing price erosion to protect your revenues and margins.

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