Ciena and TeleGeography

Special Guest Speaker


How can submarine networks scale to manage this surging demand?

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Demands for richer online content, diverse real-time applications, and expanded cloud services continue to grow globally—especially between North America and Europe. Current networks were not designed to manage this additional load, which is projected to continue to grow. Submarine cable operators continue to assess options and look for ways to implement systems to address the need. For example, TeleGeography projects utilized transatlantic capacity to reach 582 Tb/s by year-end 2022 and continue growing at a 30 percent CAGR through 2028.

This webinar features a panel of industry experts from Lumen, Ciena, and TeleGeography speaking on market perspectives, best practices, and use cases. They highlight innovative SLTE examples for expanding network reach as well as customized technologies addressing specific diversity, routing, and latency requirements.

Find out how Lumen has expanded its on-net transatlantic service portfolio to include the new Dunant and Grace Hopper submarine cable systems that interconnect major data center hubs along the Virginia to Paris (Dunant) and New York/New Jersey to London (Hopper) submarine telecommunications corridors.