5G, Fiber Deep, and VNF business services are emerging applications that traditional networks were never intended to support. These new services will cause a significant increase in overall network operational complexity.

Now there’s a new way of building networks from access to metro—allowing operators to migrate from closed, outdated designs to a simpler, modular approach. This new design is able to support both legacy and emerging business opportunities.

Evolutionize Your Packet Network from Access to Metro offers a practical overview on how network operators can modernize support for legacy TDM services while addressing current and emerging packet-based business opportunities—all in a simpler, scalable manner.  

Join this Webinar to learn about:

  • The network operator struggle to maintain support for legacy TDM services
  • Disaggregated IP and pluggable coherent optics that enable improved choice and simplicity
  • Reducing operational complexity by simplifying your network, from access to metro

You can modernize your packet networks and accelerate your migration towards the ultimate end state—the Adaptive Network.