Are you offering legacy TDM (SONET/SDH/PDH) services that are increasingly difficult and expensive to own and operate as a result of ongoing declines in available TDM transport equipment and associated technical support? Want to learn how to leverage highly scalable packet-switched networks that allow you to support both modern packet services and legacy TDM services over a simpler, common network infrastructure?

Join this webinar to learn how you can Evolutionize Your Packet Network. Hear from Ciena experts: 

  • How to modernize the transport of TDM services over a scalable packet-based network
  • How a services-led modernization approach enables a secure and elegant migration
  • How a modern packet network facilitates the move from TDM to the Adaptive Network™

Plus, learn how our Packet Networking portfolio and experience with legacy TDM networks provides a blueprint to evolve your network into a single converged network—enabling new packet-based services and eliminating out-of-date, expensive end-of-life TDM equipment.

Evolutionize to your network of the future. Realize the benefits of a modern network while minimizing network transition costs and space on a single, secure converged network.