How often does a natural or man-made disaster result in an undersea fiber cut? Too often - or about once a week.

The vulnerability of global communications networks has been illustrated quite clearly with recent, high-profile, submarine fiber cuts. These fiber cuts have the potential to adversely affect the global economy with devastation to both undersea and land-based networks causing mass disruption to mission-critical applications in businesses, enterprises and organizations.

View the virtual seminar on demand to hear Ciena's Jim Zik and Prasad Dasika discuss a new approach to building networks to minimize the risk and impact of disruptions. View the archive and learn about:

  • Making survivability a key requirement leveraging both new technology and industry standards
  • Ensuring network automation and cost reductions with standards-based intelligent control plane technology
  • Achieving a self-aware network
  • Given today's highly competitive and changing world, the need for self-healing, automated and survivable transoceanic optical networks has never been so vital.

If you are a service provider responsible for your organization's submarine optical networks, view the archived virtual seminar to learn the keys to survivability.