Surf’s up! Join the Carrier Ethernet tidal wave. Join us for a surfin’ safari at Ciena Summer Camp. Attend all four webinars and receive a "summer fun" gift!

Small cells – stay connected, and tan on the beach
Specialist: Brian Lavallée
Small cells offer a big wave of new business opportunities. In this session we bring it down to the essentials: Three things you need to know to get your toes on the nose and hang ten.

Interconnecting metro and regional data centers – get your board; let’s take a ride
Specialist: Brian Lavallée
We will explore how web-scale data centers are essential to cloud-based IT, and how the network that interconnects those data centers dictates the overall quality of experience. Our insights will keep you out of the chop and help you take the waves like a pro.

Lifecycle orchestration and endless summer have lots in common
Specialist: John Hawkins
Get stoked about the MEF’s latest work on Ethernet service standardization. How will automation and software make life easier? Just like a day at the beach!

Load up the Woody and deliver services out of footprint
Specialist: John Hawkins
The Ethernet services market has taken off. But providing access to such services outside of an operator’s ‘home break’ can get gnarly. Our specialist will take you on a road trip to show you how to go about it.

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