Regional Service Providers

Regional and Rural Communication Service Providers

The mission of Communication Service Providers (CSPs) has never been so important. With work, education, and entertainment extremely reliant upon internet connectivity, building and operating high-performance communication networks means delivering better lives and opportunities to the communities served.

Yet, CSPs face unprecedented obstacles. New competition, from satellite to overlapping fiber builds to Fixed-Wireless-Access (FWA), adds to the ever-growing power and influence of hyperscalers—on top of burgeoning bandwidth demands and technology evolution challenging the toughest business cases.

The key to surviving and winning in this market is to develop capabilities to quickly adapt, flexibly respond to demand and competition shifts, and create new revenue streams.

The future is built now. In every investment you must prioritize open, programmable, and intelligent platforms that can enable your success and deliver longer and higher returns.

Ciena’s Adaptive NetworkTM will help you own the edge, optimize investments, and create new revenue streams.

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