Passive Optical Network (PON)

Bringing more value to the network edge. Flexible, open, simplified.

The network edge is where content lives. Building separate residential and business infrastructures that are closed and limited to legacy technology is not sustainable and won’t meet the ever-increasing demand for high-capacity connections. What if you could bridge the digital divide using a common and open operating system and PON ecosystem with a single management tool for all services from a building, outdoor cabinet, or even a pole? It’s possible with Ciena’s PON solution.

Image showing PON  circuitry

Ciena PON Ecosystem

Ciena's XGS-PON ecosystem flattens traditional chassis-based PON and reduces power consumption and space while converging broadband, 5G, and cloud services.

PON content spotlight

Explore featured content on Ciena’s PON access and aggregation infrastructure designed to eliminate operational complexity.

Custom broadband and 5G Edge

With Ciena’s new 5131 Weatherproof Router you get more capacity closer to the network edge, enabling 5G and PON on a strand, wall, or pole.

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Residential broadband

Ciena’s 3801 delivers higher capacity residential broadband or Fiber to The Home (FTTH) services. The ITU-T G.9804.1 XGS-PON compliant ONU is cost-effective for residences and Small Office Home Offices (SOHO).

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Weatherized PON

Watch this video to learn more about Ciena’s 5131 and 3985 routers, the temperature hardened micro–Optical Line Terminal (uOLT) XCVR-SPGL04, and the 3805 Optical Network Unit—all engineered to withstand the most challenging outdoor and uncontrolled environments.

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For service providers

Service providers need more efficient networks and return on their infrastructure investment. Stop building different residential broadband and business infrastructures and converge your PON and business services. Monetize your PON and wholesale service offerings with Ciena’s pluggable XGS-PON on 10+ platforms—in a building, outdoor cabinet, or even with 5G and PON on a pole.

Unify your network. Multiply your revenue.

For wholesale network operators

As operators continue to evolve their networks to 5G, potential risks emerge if they don’t address infrastructure sprawl, scale, and complexity. Stop building multiple silo networks. and converge your PON and mobile infrastructure and converge your services with a Pay-as-You-Go (PYGO) pluggable PON solution.

Get more choice and control from your network.

For cable MSOs

Instead of building siloed, standalone architectures to support different types of services, cable operators can now bring more value to their networks by supporting concurrent PON, IP, TDM, and Ethernet services on the same Ciena aggregation platform using Universal Aggregation.

The Foundation of Ciena’s PON approach

Routing and switching platforms

Leveraging our advanced routing and switching platforms, Ciena’s converged networking approach enables the aggregation of traffic from TDM, IP, and Ethernet service using dedicated and shared fiber on the same cost-effective routing and switching platform.

Network automation software

Simplify your 10G PON network with PON OAM network and service management software, embedded in Ciena’s Service Aware Operating System (SAOS).

Ciena Services

We partner with you to accelerate and minimize the risk of your network transformation. Having built the largest and most complex networks in the world, our teams use advanced tools and real-world-proven best practices to work with you every step of the way.

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