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It’s time to rethink current metro and edge networks

New users, applications, and endless content are creating an explosion in demand for connectivity at the network edge — where users connect to content. But are your metro and edge networks ready?

These networks must evolve to become more open, automated, and simple. It’s the only way to find your edge, capitalizing on new revenue opportunities and delivering a compelling end-customer experience.

Market dynamics are putting new pressure across metro and edge networks, driving the need to evolve these architectures to meet end-user demands. From metro and edge cloud, through business, mobile and residential, learn how Ciena can help you transform your network and own the edge.

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The edge brings great opportunity, but also requires change. Maximizing your business potential requires a clear, simplified network vision. But what exactly does the next generation of metro and edge networks look like? What’s holding you back from realizing your optimal network? Read on to find your edge.

Turning change into opportunity requires improving your competitive advantage—now. As the originator of the Adaptive Network™, Ciena provides a holistic view of the key requirements for next-generation metro and edge networks. Our vision focuses on making these networks more open, automated, and simple. Why? It’s the only way to truly own the edge and deliver the experiences that your end-customers expect. Check out our executive info brief to learn more.

Ciena Residential Broadband Spotlight

Discover how Ciena’s field-proven Residential Broadband Solution helps you address evolving market demands by adapting to your business needs. Our solution is open, modular, and scalable so you don’t have to compromise on your residential network.


A digital future without compromise

CTO Steve Alexander explains how Ciena’s Residential Broadband Solution addresses surging customer demand, enables the next wave of applications, and bridges the digital divide.

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Ciena's Residential Broadband Solution

Leave behind the closed, legacy approaches of the past and see how Ciena’s can provide you with an open, modular, and scalable solution - so you don’t have to compromise your residential broadband network.

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Igniting a Digital Future for all with Improvements in Residential Broadband

Host Rebecca Smith explores what “igniting a digital future for all” means. Hear from rural electric co-op, Cullman Electric; tech futurist, Shivvy Jervis; and STEM evangelist, Paulette Watson.

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