Ethernet is a ubiquitous networking technology that’s displaced almost all other legacy data transport. If you connect anything that uses data, you’re probably using Ethernet to do it. And, if you’ve bought or sold a data service, it was probably a Carrier Ethernet service.

Raise your Carrier Ethernet IQ and learn how you can leverage Carrier Ethernet service. 

Topics include:

  • Rundown on the history of Carrier Ethernet and the role of standards in its evolution 
  • The latest standards and terms, including E-Access, E-Transit, and Multi-CoS
  • Best practices and use cases
  • How to leverage Carrier Ethernet to connect to the cloud

This book offers an entry-level overview of Carrier Ethernet, intended for anyone seeking a better understanding of this core networking technology, along with insights into advances such as SDN and NFV, which will impact future Carrier Ethernet expansion.

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