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Data Center Interconnect

DCI modernization without risk

Staying ahead of today’s increasing network demands requires purpose-built Data Center Interconnect (DCI) hardware that delivers scalability, reliability, and high performance. Just about any way you slice it, Ciena is the market leader in DCI and small form-factor devices made just for DCI.

#1 global DCI market share (Ovum, Dell’Oro)
#1 global ICP/CNP DCI market share (Ovum, Dell’Oro)
#1 DCI metro market share (Dell’Oro)
#1 DCI long-haul market share (Dell’Oro)
#1 Disaggregated WDM systems market share (Dell’Oro)
#1 Compact/Modular hardware market share (Cignal AI)

Building reliable DCI networks takes experience. Delivering high capacity and rapid scalability for on-demand content and cloud-based services requires proven solutions—and that’s where Ciena can help.

Ciena’s compact, modular DCI platforms are deployed in over 140 customer networks, ranging from the largest content providers and carrier neutral providers to service providers, enterprises, and everything in-between. No other vendor has the depth of experience to deliver DCI modernization without risk.

Ciena’s highly programmable infrastructure and intelligent software solutions combine to transform the DCI network into a dynamic pool of resources for on-demand cloud and DCI applications. It’s a powerhouse combination of hardware programmability and software automation and intelligence that evolves your DCI network into the Adaptive Network™.

React to ever changing DCI requirements with simple-to-deploy, high-capacity Waveserver family and 6500 RLS solutions that deliver scale and programmability

Simplify DCI deployment and gain deep network insights for smarter automation with unique Liquid Spectrum™ and analytics apps

Bring the power of software-defined programmability to enable automated lifecycle operations and resource orchestration for DCI networks with Ciena’s MCP and Blue Planet® MDSO

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